How do I use Forecasting Rules?

Monthly averages are meh! - use forecasting rules to precision time known cash inflows and outflows

Step 1. Open 'Forecasting Rules' 

For Quick Adjustments to dates and amounts: 

  1. Date adjustments click on the date and edit the date section (for example - to change the event  to say the 15th of the month vs. the end of the month) 
  2. Amount adjustments edit the amount field (for example - ie: if a revenue has increased recently - so the 12 month average calculated is too low) 

For Creating a New Rule or Adjusting the Forecasting Rule all together:

  1. Click 'Create Rule' for new Rule  OR
  2. Select the three dots to open the Update Forecasting Rule  

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 2.32.28 PM

Step 1. Name the Rule

Pro Tip: Use a Name* that helps you identify the rule (like "bi-monthly payroll "or "annual insurance") 

Step 2. Associate the Account

Select the Account from the drop down list

Step 3. Set the Date* including when, and how often the transaction repeats:

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 3.06.37 PM-1


Date* - The date indicates the day the transaction starts, which can either be a future or past date.

To set up recurring transactions - Use Repeat* (ie: never, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) combined with Interval* (ie: Interval of 1 and Repeat Monthly means recurring every 1 month; interval of 3 means recurring every three months - or quarterly) and Days for specific Day(s) of the month (for example the 15 and 30th would repeat on the 15th and 30th at the interval set). 

Note: Repeats frequency options are never, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Note: Intervals of 1 is every 1 unit; 2 every 2 units (eg: months)... 



Press 'Save' to exit the calendar function.

Step 4. Set the Amount (use minus for outflows) of each transaction

Step 5. Growth Rate is optional

Step 6. Press 'Save & Close' 

Forecasting Rules are static. While Helm will auto-adjust the forecast - Review your rules whenever you know there are changes (like winning a new contract!)