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  2. Managing Cash Flow

Paying Outstanding Bills

With a cash plan setup, you can carry out AP payments directly from Helm in a few clicks. It's cash management made easy.

We have many unique features in Helm (custom colouring, interactive interface and bulk editing capabilities, to name a few). Still, one of the unique features we are most proud of is our ability to make AP payments.

Helm users can quickly and easily create a cash flow forecast in Helm and ensure that their cash position is secure over the coming months. From this point, they only have to click a few buttons to have Helm:

  • Schedule payments as per the cash plan
  • Carry out an approval chain to confirm the scheduled payments
  • Route the payments on those dates and at the appropriate time

This is such an amazing feature. It saves so much time and truly creates a new standard for small business cash management.

So... how do you make accounts payable payments from within Helm? First, enable your payment integration, then simply:

  1. Create a cash flow forecast as you normally would, ensuring you are utilizing the base case (as you cannot make payments in scenarios)
  2. Open up your accounts payable drawer.
  3. Select the invoices you would like to pay (we haven't automated this away... yet)
  4. Click the "Pay Invoices" prompt that appears at the top of the screen

A popup with each of your scheduled payments will then appear, where you can add and edit vendor contact information and remove any unwanted payments.

From there, it's as easy as clicking "Schedule Payments."