Set up - Bank Accounts

Ensure you're connected to the right accounts to track all inflows and outflows.

Use 'Bank Accounts' tab to open the Banking 

Helm imports all the bank accounts and credit cards in your accounting system and automatically syncs their balance on each refresh.

Most users begin adjusting their Helm forecast by updating the cash balances - changing the bank accounts and credit cards synced with their accounting system to have accurate starting cash balances.

Adding bank accounts

To Add an Account - for example if you need to add a Line of Credit and track the credit used or use the available funds as part of your forecast.

Tip: You can also use the 'Add Account' as a shortcut for subtracting or adding to the forecast, including accounting for GST, a loan account or a clearing account that's not set up as a bank account.

Excluding bank accounts

There are instances where you might not want these funds to be included in your cash flow forecast - maybe a business savings account you don't want to touch. 

To Exclude an Account 

  1. Clicking the quick edit button (three dots) next to the account you would like to exclude.

  2. Select "Exclude from the forecast."

You can also exclude multiple accounts by using the bulk edit function. Select the checkbox next to each account you wish to exclude. A new button will appear at the top of the pane, "edit accounts." Select the button to exclude from the forecast.

Bonus: In this video clip, Kelvin reviews the bank accounts after connecting to the accounting system.

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