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  2. Managing Cash Flow

Creating a Veem Connection

Connect your Helm cash plans to your Veem account to get fully automated accounts payable. 

Cash management is made truly easy in Helm when our integrations are fully leveraged. A great example of this is the time savings that result for users utilizing our Veem integration.

Before connecting, you will need to create a Veem account for each company you manage. For professionals such as bookkeepers, accountants and business consultants, Veem does have multi-account access capabilities.

Just note that Veem has a one-to-one relationship between bank accounts and email addresses for security purposes. So if you, or your clients, have multiple companies that you want to connect with, you will need distinct email addresses for each account.

To connect a Veem account to Helm:

  1. Navigate to the company in Helm you want to connect.
  2. Go to company settings by clicking the gear icon to the left of the company name.
  3. Click the "Connect with Veem" button and complete the authorization process.

Once complete:

  1. Click "Create Helm Clearing Account."
  2. Select the Helm user you would like to approve Veem transactions.