Here at Helm we're really proud of the unique interface we created, and our customers love it too!

One of our biggest pain points with cash flow forecasting in spreadsheets was the time it would take to make a single change. Moving a transaction to a different day could look like:

  • Step 1 - find the transaction
  • Step 2 - click the row
  • Step 3 - click "cut"
  • Step 4 - find the date you want to move the transaction to
  • Step 5 - paste the row
  • Step 6 - rejig your formulas
  • Step 7 - verify everything worked

That's a lot of steps for a single change. Now imagine doing it over and over again. 😬

Helm's solution to this pain point is our interactive graph. The above process is now as simple as dragging, dropping... and enjoying the bliss of its sheer simplicity!

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