In Step Five we covered how Helm creates specific, recurring customer and vendor/supplier forecasts for you. Another way that Helm saves your time and effort is be creating more general forecasts on your behalf, and these are called Account Estimates.

An Account Estimate is just a simple 12 month average of Profit and Loss Statement accounts, pushed forward into each future month for you. It is a basic placeholder of future expectations where specific customer and vendor patterns cannot be determined.

As with Recurring Forecasts, you can change most of the information related to Account Estimates. This lets you can tailor the overall forecast to your needs and desires. Specifically, you can change:

  1. The expected ADR or ADP of the estimate.
  2. The amount.

Now you've learned about the forecasting rules and logic that Helm builds for you. What if you want to create your own rules, or something was just plain missed? (no one is perfect after all) Learn more about manually creating forecast items in Step Seven.

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