Helm forecasts AR invoices into the future using the actual payment history of customers from the past. How customers pay your company is encompassed in average days receivable, or ADR.

If your customer typically pays you 30 days after invoice date, your ADR = 30, and all outstanding invoices for that customer are assumed to be collected 30 days after invoice date.

Perhaps this is wrong though. Perhaps the customer is going through hard times and is requesting an additional 10 days to pay and you agree. To quickly change your forecast you can:

  1. Change ADR at a customer level to 40. This changes the ADR for all of that customers' invoices and updates Helm's graphs in real time.
  2. Change ADR at an invoice level to 40. This changes the ADR for only that invoice. Again, Helm's graphs update in real time.
  3. Drag and drop a specific invoice 10 days into the future. This will automatically update the ADR for that invoice in the AR drawer.
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