Helm is a little bit different in that it utilizes a substantial amount of past history from QuickBooks Online or Xero in order to help predict your company's future. Because of this, the load time after initial setup can be quite long. Don't fret though, that isn't a spinning circle of death... our system is actually working hard behind the scenes to help you save a substantial amount of time (or provide insights you maybe didn't have before).

As a frame of reference, connections with upwards of 500 bank account transactions per month, across multiple bank accounts or clearing accounts, can take upwards of 15 minutes.

You will know when the connection is done as you will have the ability to select bank accounts to include in your forecast similar to below:

While you're waiting for this screen to appear, feel free to:

  1. Watch the paint dry (i.e. the spinning circle).
  2. Go about doing more entertaining things in your day.
  3. Read more of our Getting Started articles to glean further insights as to how to use Helm and see what it can do for you.
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