Writing software for small businesses and accounting professionals is hard. Oddly enough, one of the hardest parts is figuring out terminology that is relevant to everyone. Here's some notes on more frequently questioned terms that aren't so easy to describe in normal human terms.

Please note that you can see more in depth descriptions for each term by clicking on links in their titles. A full list of our lingo can be found here.


ADR = Average Days Receivable. This is a simple measure Helm has calculated on how quickly someone pays your company after you invoice.


ADP = Average Days Payable. Similar to ADR, this is a simple measure Helm has calculated showing how quickly you pay someone after they invoice you.

Company vs. Organization

While not weird terms per se, it is important to distinguish between a Company and an Organization in Helm for user permissions and navigation.

An Organization is a team that manages multiple Helm companies. As an example, they can be an accounting or bookkeeping practice managing a number of clients, or a small or medium sized business with a number of companies they manage (franchises, Opco/Holdco, etc.).

A Company is the actual business or entity who's data is being forecast in Helm.

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